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Mrs Gohil



Hello class 11,


I can't believe that there are only 8 school days left until the end of the term. The year has flown by. I am sure that you have heard on the news that Leicester, including Glenfield, is going into a stricter lockdown again and so the school will be closing tomorrow except for keyworker children. We will be saying goodbye to our year 6  with an online assembly sharing their foundation pictures and children in school have recorded a song for them too. We will be having a good send off for them all with a fun afternoon.


Tomorrow, you will be finding out who your year 6 teacher will be. Are you excited, who do you think it will be? I will be adding a letter from your new teacher to the website for you to read with some details of what you can look forward to in year 6. 


It is a shame we are not able to say goodbye to one another and I will miss not having you in the class net year. We will meet again in September, we can have a reunion in the playground. Please can you also remember to bring back the reading books ASAP. 


Thank you for all the children who took part in the Kahoot quiz, you did very well. Also, a few of you are still writing on Socrative which is great to see. 


Abigael has given the Pig in Mud recipe:

you need a biscuit and melted chocolate with a piggy sweet first you get two biscuits and melt the chocolate then you spread the melted chocolate put a the piggy sweet on with the other biscuits you crush the biscuits crumbs on and leave it in the freezer for two minutes take it out for two minutes and done don't leave it in the sun.


Fern - as I mentioned before, we will not be able to have a ZOom call before the end of the year.


Ross - you are most welcome, you thoroughly deserve it!


Isla - I will try to arrange some more puzzles/quizzes/ battles soon


Has anyone taken part in the Black Lives Matter competition? It is such an important cause and you are all very capable of writing great stories. 


 Click here for more information


I hope you are all staying safe and not worrying too much about all the changes taking place.


Take care of yourselves,


Mrs Gohil.


Where is Wally? I can't find him can you?