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Mrs Gohil

4 days to go!

Good morning class 11


I hope you have been enjoying the activities for the final week. I have not had any emails yet regarding the Home challenge. I know many of you have completed a lot of the challenges, please send in what you have, you don't need evidence for all of them and I will give out the certificates.


Also, we have set an activity where we would like you to let us know what we can tell the upcoming year 4's about to expect in year 5. I will include a question on today's Socrative for what advice you can give to year 4.  Think about the things you think they will enjoy or any words of wisdom to settle their nerves. I'm sure you will have lots to say.


Some of you have left shout outs for the class. Here they are:


Logan b: See all of you in year 6


Lacey: I would like to shoutout for Fern for helping me a little on home learning on facetime and for being such a good friend/


Amy❤️😊 West: To class 11, I will miss you all and I hope we can go back to school after the summer ! it will be sad on the last day because normally we hug each other and say a proper goodbye but we can't do that this year :(


Reuben: I all miss you and hopefully will see you all in year 5


Fern: how is everyone?


O'flynn, Isla: ALL OF CLASS 11: I miss you all and I'm hoping that together we will beat class 12 for the last time!! I hope you do NOT have coronavirus and are ok! 😂


Excellent messages, I am sure they have put a smile on all of your faces.


Ialso liked what you would liek to be remembered for, here is Isla's reply:

O'flynn, Isla: I would like to be remembered as a good friend and a complete wierdo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂




My next question on Socrative was asking what silver linings there were from the coronavirus and I think you have thought of some lovely ideas.


Abigael Atete: that it is fun to do school with my family - I'm glad you have liked this 


Fern: I have laughed with my friends on face time but it's not the same as real-life - It's not the same but you still found the funny side of things


Amy❤️😊 West: that I can still call my friends and I tell myself that this will all be over before we know it ! - I hope so


Reuben: I have thought more about the environment in lockdown - that is an excellent positive, let's hope there is a permanent change in people's behaviour.


Lacey: that its hard - things that are harder only make us stronger


O'flynn, Isla: VE day, clap for NHS, the fact we don't have to do homework (well... we do), a BIG POOL, and the fact that we could go back to school!! - lots to look forward to


Logan b: I have finished the python book. - Excellent achievement




Some suggestions for this week included having a Kahoot quiz on year 5 which is an excellent idea but I need your help. Write some questions we on Socrative and I will put them into a Kahoot quiz, DOn't forget to include the different options and the correct answer. Try to think of some memorable and funny moments.

Also, you can still write a year 6 leavers song if you would like to. Someone also would like a word search so here you go, it says Back to School but we can imagine it says End of School. I have attached the file at the bottom.



I also had a request for a multiplication colour by number request so I have included one of those too. 


And finally, Lacey, yes the extra activities are our Topic and I did love the chocolatesyes.


I am enjoying using lots of your ideas and comments to fill these last few pages of the term. It feels like we are back in the classroom and I am hearing your voices all around me. Please keep going on and leaving my your messages. 


Take care, missing you all very much,


Mrs Gohil heart



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