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Mrs Gohil

2 days to go!


I hope you are all well and enjoyed the activities from yesterday. I went into school to clear the worktops in all the classrooms as we are getting new lights in the Year 5 and 6 area. The classroom looks so empty without any children and with the walls all bare. I am looking forward to returning in the new year and seeing the place full of children again. 


I have uploaded the Home Challenge certificates on the weeks page for everyone to see. Well done to all of you who attempted them. (Isla, I have uploaded yours again with the correct spelling). 


I have a few more shout outs for the class:

Elsha: I hope you all are safe and well everyone. Missing playing with my friends. looking forward to year 6


Ross: See you all in year 6.


Elsha - the letter from Miss Chester was addressed to Class 11 because you are still in year 5. You will get a new class name in August/September.  


Thank you to Isla for sending in a video for the year 4 children. She did a great job. Have a look for yourselves...

Isla advice to year

Still image for this video

Whilst in school today, I uploaded a few photos from the Space Centre trip and of your moving toy pictures. I have put them on to Socrative with a question with each photo. Be as creative and silly as can with your answers.


Room name: RMJRPQG


Well done to all of you taking part in the TT Rockstars battle. It is very close this time, we are just ahead. Keep it up, it will finish today at 12pm.


I hope you all have a good day - enjoy the photos, and seeing most of your friends again. 


Mrs Gohil smiley