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Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a really good week!

Last week, you researched Camille Saint-Saens.


Can you remember what you found out about him as a composer?


I was very impressed with the fact files that were uploaded onto Twitter and emailed to me.  Well done to the children who used Poppet to share their facts!

This week, I'd like us to listen to all of the pieces of music which make up 'The Carnival of the animals'.


There are 14 of them!  But, they are all quite short!


I have found a video on youtube which is quite fun!



As you are watching, and listening, think about what score out of 10 would you give Camille Saint-Saens for his composition?


Do you think he did a good job of describing each animal?


What would you have done differently?

It's goodbye until next time. Have a great weekend!