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Phonics Games Websites

You may find the following websites useful for playing phonics and reading based games. All are free to play or have some free games. 


  • Phonics Play: Lots of great games and the best thing is that currently subscription is free so you can access all of the games! Log in with thesedetails: username: march20 password: home


  • Phonics Bloom: Some free games and some phoneme and tricky word flashcards. Alien Escape is a great game!





  • Teach Your Monster to Read: Website version is completely free, either sign up for an account to make your own monster or to just play some quick games go to 'Teachers Area' then 'Classroom Toolkit'. Also available as an app on your phone/tablet and is currently on offer for 2.99






Useful Phonics Apps

If your child has a tablet or has access to playing games on your phone you may wish to have a look at the following apps:

  • Jolly Phonics: Free version has limited access to letter sets. One app for lessons and one for games. 
  • Teach Your Monster to Read. Currently on offer for 2.99 Try the free website version first to see if you like it!
  • Geraldine's Phonics Land: Designed by Mr Thorne whose YouTube videos the children love to watch. Cost: 0.99 
  • Read with Phonics: Free! Increases in difficulty as you play, so you may have to play simple games first to unlock the more difficult levels.
  • Meet the Alphablocks: Free! Good for those who do not yet know all of the letter sounds. 
  • My Phonics Kit: Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper, £2.99. Our favourite reading book characters also have an app.
  • Froggy Match-it Phonics: Free version available. 11 levels to progress through when you subscribe for £3.99.
  • Pocket Phonics Stories: Free trial. Assesses your child's level first before providing phonetic reading books, with some games alongside. 
  • Hairy Letters/Hairy Phonics,£2.99 each. Learn the letter sounds and then blend them to read words. Hairy Letters focusses on single letter phonemes, Hairy Phonics on digraphs. 
  • Pirate Phonics, £2.99. Good for those who are just starting to blend words together. 
  • Dinosaur letters: Great for practising letter formation, including in cursive! Lite version is free but subscription for access to all letters is 2.99 
  • Cursive Writing Wizard: clearly shows how to form each letter, also numbers, words, and patterns for those who struggle with letter formation. Some free samples, 2.99 subscription cost for access to all. 

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