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Welcome to our website. We hope you will find our site useful and easy to navigate.


Take a look at the portraits of past Kings and Queens. 





What do you notice?


How could you group them?


Can you think of any other past Kings or Queens?


Take a look at these portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. 



Portraits can be created in lots of different styles and using lots of different materials. I wonder which style you would choose to make your own portrait. 




We would first like you to choose your favourite King or Queen and find some portraits of them. You could use a computer or iPad. 


What do you notice about the colours used?


How much of the body can you see in the portrait?


Take a look at the work of these Year One children and then have a go at your own. We would love to see how you get on using #hallathome or using the school's email. 





Imagine that you could be King or Queen for a day.


These children have imagined they are Kings and Queens. They created some self portraits and chose a title to match. My favourite is King of Rock.


What would you be King or Queen of?


You could have a go at creating one of these and coming up with a fun name too. 


Have fun artists!