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Is God Real?


Did you enjoy creating your Kenning poem last week? I hope it got you thinking about what Christians believe their God to be like. Today we will be writing another poem, but differently to last week's style. Medieval thinkers, like Moses Maimonides believed that you couldn't speak about God positively because God is beyond our ability! He was a great man of faith, and highly respected. He is considered by many to be the great Jewish philosopher of the Middle Ages. He spent a lot of time thinking and writing about God!


Today for our poem, we will be thinking about what God is not! Our ideas from last week will help, because we thought about what God is, such as:

miracle-worker, plant-creator, calm-listener. If we know what God is, then we know what God is not...  Take a look at this example of the wind. We know what the wind is like:


The wind is strong, dangerous, cooling...


Now we can say what the wind is not...

The wind is not in one place,

The wind is not in pieces,

The wind is not still,


Now let's look at God:


God is creative, powerful, patient, helpful, clever...


Now that we know what God is, we can say what God is not. Think of the opposite words...


God is not...

God is not weak,

God is not selfish,

God is not impatient,

God is not lazy,

God is not empty of ideas.


Listen to this Kanye West song, 'God Is' for ideas.



Now look at the words below for ideas about what God is, and then think about what the opposite words might be. Choose which ones you want to include in your 'God is not...' poem. Can you think of at least 8 ways to describe what God is not? Do more if you can! Set your work out as above. Enjoy!