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Happy Friday!



We are continuing with our topic, 'Is God Real?'  Your task this week is to ask at least 5 people if they believe in God or not and ask them to give 2 reasons for their views. It would be good to ask people of different ages. For example, you could ask your parents, aunties and uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, brothers or sisters or a friend. You could ask a neighbour along your street, but you must ask a parent to come with you, to ensure that you are safe. You need to write down their answers in your workbook. See my example below to help you set it out. 


Name: Mum


Do you believe in God?   Yes I do.


Why?  Reason 1:

 I think we must have a creator. Love is the most powerful thing on earth, and I think God must be the creator of love. 


Reason 2:  

I think the world is a beautiful place. I love mountains, rivers, waterfalls, flowers, blue sky and rainbows. I think it must have been a God that created all these things. 


Enjoy having these conversations. You might find that the people you interview all share the same thoughts. Or you may find that they have very different beliefs for different reasons.