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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed interviewing friends or family about their beliefs in God. I expect you heard some really interesting thoughts. Today you are going to be thinking about what you believe. There is no right or wrong response to this - these are your thoughts at this time in your life. Your beliefs may change as you get older - that is absolutely fine. 

You could talk over your thoughts with an adult, as it might help you to understand what you believe. Then write your ideas down in your work book. Try to think of 3 reasons why you do or don't believe in God. 


You could set it out like this:


My belief in God


I do/don't believe in God. 

Reason 1:


Reason 2:


Reason 3:


If you want to set it out in a more creative way, then that is fine. 

I am really looking forward to seeing you when you are in year 6 to hear about your beliefs. We will have some great chats together i'm sure!


To finish off today's lesson, you are going to watch an on-line assembly about humility. Click on the link below. Enjoy!