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Hello everyone!

Wow - it's the last day of the academic year!




Well done for all your hard work on the home learning over the last few months. You should be proud of yourselves. Thank you to your parents also for supporting you with your learning through this challenging time. You all deserve a medal!



Today you are going to think about your time in Foundation. Have a think about your favourite moments. They could be linked to:

  • Favourite toys you enjoyed playing with,
  • The Christmas bazaar,
  • Watching the Diwali assembly or Chinese New Year assembly,
  • Your favourite lesson,
  • Phonics, 
  • Playing outside,
  • Making new friends,
  • Winning stickers, 
  • Favourite activities set on home learning,
  • Favourite time spent with family during lock down. ​


Your task is to design a shield, which is full of pictures and/or writing showing your favourite moments of your time in Foundation. Draw a shield like the one below in your work book. 




Fill it with drawings of all of your favourite moments! Enjoy!


I can't wait to see you all when you are in year 1 - wow! Have a lovely summer break.