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Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Today we are starting a new topic, called...

                                             'Is God Real'?

This is a HUGE question! It is a shame that we cannot be in school together to share all of our thoughts and ideas. However, we can still enjoy exploring this question. I'm sure there will be adults that you can share your ideas with. 


Today I'd like you to write some questions that you have about God. This is to get you thinking. Maybe you haven't really thought about whether you believe in God or not. Or maybe you have always believed in God. Or perhaps you've often found yourself wondering if there is a God or not. 


Set your work out like I have below. I have written a few questions as an example:  


Questions I have about God.


  • How can God hear everyone's prayers?
  • Why does God not answer all prayers?
  • Can we trust holy books?
  • What does God look like?
  • Where exactly is God?


Try to write at least 5 questions. But you may have as many as 10...or more! 


Next, write a list of things that could suggest that God is real. See my example below:


  • The amazing creation that surrounds us; beautiful flowers, blue sky, flowing rivers, mountain ranges etc
  • Friendships
  • Family
  • Kindness
  • Love


Now, write a list of things that suggests God isn't real. See my example


  • Sad things happen
  • Natural disasters happen
  • There are horrible illnesses
  • Some people live in poverty


Remember that you can upload your work onto twitter #hallathome   I would love to see your thoughts and ideas. Next week, we will explore the question, 'Is God Real?' further.