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Reading tasks (updated weekly)

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This page will be updated weekly, so keep an eye on weekly updated reading tasks from this folder.

Top tips: Read a variety of books

  1. Choose texts that show a wide variety of formats and layouts. Lots of you have favourite authors and genres, but it's good to venture into new genres and types of books every so often. This will improve your overall writing and remember, books are informative. 
  2. Be sure not to neglect non-fiction texts, such as magazine articles, brochures, adverts, newspaper columns, signs, and notices - These all involve reading! laugh
  3. Reading lots of kinds of texts will give you experience reading in a real-world context. Make sure you talk to someone at home about how the texts are presented – the writing may look different depending on what kind of text you are looking at.
  4. It's great to read independently, but try sharing a book with someone at home too, especially if the book you are reading is a bit tricky. It's okay to ask someone to read to you still!
  5. Reading for pleasure - Find a variety of books that you enjoy reading and share your love for reading with us all! heart


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Oxford Owl for Reading


If you would like to read some other books use the login details to access more books on Oxford Owl. If you have created your own login details you can continue to use those. 

The login details for year 5 are:

Username: Year5TheHall

Password: Year5


Click on the icon below to take you to the page. You then need to click on the Class Login Button at the top of the page.


Enter in the details and you can then search for books by age or themes. Enjoy!