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This year, we will be thinking about your personal safety.


Band Runner

This is a game called Band Runner from thinkuknow, a government organisation that helps children. The game has a focus on internet safety and making wise choices. You have to choose your character and then, using the arrow keys on your keyboard, try to collect stars. If you bump into any obstacles, the game pauses and you have to answer a question about e-safety. You can use a guitar to destroy obstacles and put up posters. Showing your knowledge about e-safety can earn you points. It's a simple and fun game that gives an important message.


Can you spot fake news?

What is fake news? Watch this video clip to find out.


Watch this video clip and see how you could spot fake news in the future!


Water Safety

Have a look at the posters below which were created by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). Can you spot the dangers?