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Sports Ambassadors

The Hall School Sports Ambassadors

We have 5 children from Y5 who have the role of Sports Ambassadors. This committee help raise the profile of health and well being with a particular focus on Sport and Active Play.

This year the committee have been responsible for running a lunch time club for KS1 on Tuesdays and for KS2 on Thursdays. They organise and plan the whole thing from sorting the equipment, to running the games and setting challenges for the children. They also report back to the whole school in the form of a blog which will be posted on this page.


The 2018 Sports Ambassadors

Ellis - Head of Crew

Bethany - Research

Louie - Administrator

Issak - Media Correspondent

Toby - Equipment Manager


Sports Ambassadors Blog 

November 2018

Every Tuesday we entertain KS1 with fun games e.g. bowling, tig and stuck in the mud.

Every Thursday we entertain KS2 with games e.g. splat, chain tig and piggy in the middle.

We need children to do Daily Boost at least 15 minutes every day (we do the perimeter pathway) but if they can do more we advise people to do more.

The children should eat healthy foods like 5 fruits every day. Our activities make all the children do team bonding.

Written by Ellis, Issak and Toby