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Sports Day Ideas

Balloon Squeeze

A task that requires good teamwork! In pairs, get a balloon to the end of the garden by squashing it between your chests or tummies. You must not use their hands or feet to move the balloon and if you drop it, you will have to go back to the beginning.


Fancy Dress Race

Spread some clothes around the edge of the garden. There should be 4 piles of clothes. Each pile should contain items of clothing for the number of people in the race.

On the start whistle, the runners will go to the first pile of clothing, choose an item and put it on. They then move to the second pile, choose an item of clothing and put it on. They should do the same for the third pile and the fourth pile.

Once the dresser-up is wearing the complete fancy dress outfit they must complete one final lap. Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins!


Bucket Challenge

Place lots of small items in the garden (eg balls, socks, pencils). Each team or player has a bucket. You have 30 seconds to collect as many items as you can. The winner is the team/player with the most items in their bucket.


Tin Can Alley

Save some empty tins from the recycling bin. Stack them up in a pyramid. How many can you knock down with a ball?


Sponge Bob Race

For each team, place one empty bucket at one end the garden and one with just water in it at the other end of the garden. Each team needs a sponge. Soak water up with one sponge, run to the other bucket and squeeze it into the empty one. Repeat this until the end of the game. There are two ways that the game could end:

1) You could have a time limit and see who has the most water after the time limit.

2) You could mark a level in the bucket and the first to reach that level wins.


Flap the Fish

Cut a large fish shape out of a piece of newspaper for each player. 'Flap' a tray or piece of thick cardboard, to move the fish to a finish line.


Sack Race

You could use a heavy duty garden bin liner or even an old pillow case to create your own sack race.


Have fun!