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Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Year 4! Happy Thursday! laugh We hope that you are enjoying the variety of activities that we have put up for you this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the comments on socrative. There have been lots of positive and thoughtful reflections about the work that you have been doing. Keep it up! Don't forget, we have set up a page full of different Easter activities that you can have a go at, from colouring to cooking. Give it a try! Remember, you can always share examples of your work with us through twitter @HallGlenfield or #hallathome. The class pages contain individual messages for each of your classes. Be sure to have a look:


To stay in the loop with everything that is happening, we thought it would be nice for you to spend a little bit of time watching newsround today. From your reflections on socrative, we know that a lot of you are doing this already. Well done!

Easter Activity

Over the last week, we know that many of you have been making rainbows and other wonderful messages to display in your windows. It has been lovely to see all of the different examples that children across the country are making. Today, we have a lovely task for you all! The NHS has asked for children all around the country to send in pictures of their rainbows and messages to help them decorate their new hospital in London! If you have some time either this week or over the easter break, it might be a really nice idea to send in your drawing/message. You can post your artwork on twitter using #RainbowsForNightingale.



Today we are going to continue recapping on placing hundredths into a place value grid. As it is approaching Easter, tommorow we will be doing an Easter themed problem solving activity. Have a go at the warm up activity to get you started off:

Next, we would like you to carefully watch the video on placing hundredths into a place value grid. Remember, you can pause the video to answer the questions. Here is a link to copy and paste if the clip doesn't work:


Still image for this video

I hope that you found the video clear and helpful! Please have a go at answering the questions in your purple books if you haven't done so already. You do not need to draw out any of the place value grids

Make sure that you put the date (02/04/20) at the top of your purple books and the subject (Maths). 

Reflect: What number is shown here?

What is wrong with my place value counters?



Today is the last day we will be spending on our play scripts. Click on the PDF for more information.



We know that as we near the end of our second week of home-schooling, things may have begun to feel a bit gloomy. It is entirely normal for you to have off days so we have put together some ideas to help you stay positive and happy. Some are one off activities and others are ongoing.


know that we keep saying it, however a massive well done to those of you who keep sharing your reflections with us on socrative. It is such a great way for you to think about all of the learning that you have been doing. It is also lovely for us to hear about all of your messages and to answer any questions that you have. Keep it up Year 4!


If you are with Mr Nagar, please type in the code: CLASS9AN followed by your name. 

If you are with Miss Ingham, please type in the code: INGHAM6508 followed by your name. 

Other Activities

Below, we have some provided some useful links which you may wish to have a look at. This includes, Spellodrome, Newsround, TT Rockstars and also PE with Joe! Give it a go yes  Please don't feel as though you need to do everything, these are just some nice ideas for you to challenge yourself. 


There is a nice reading activity at the bottom of the page if you wish to have a go!