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Good morning, Year 6. Well…thank you for your work on Socrative! We look forward to being able to buy: Chocolate Sharing Box, Sergeant Sweep, Triplelicous, The Happiness Keys, Mouth Fresh, Co Tea Tube, WWE Rubber, Faboulsa, Glory, Rainbow Pebbles, Alicio's, Be Creative, Kennady Coco Crunch, The Boost Up, Scruby Thing, The NHS Rainbow Ball, Caitlyn’s Cookies, Honey Crunch, Best Bike Buy, Ear Buds of the Future, Cringles, Cheezy Chilli Beans and Super Cookies!

Some of you have chosen to re-brand existing products - it will be interesting to see how you change the appearance of the packaging.

We haven’t heard from everyone yet, so we will keep the Socrative open so that you can complete it, today.


Here are yesterday’s answers:

Now for today’s learning:


The Daily Joke: laugh

How does the moon cut his hair?

(answer is at the bottom)


Click here for today’s Newsround Story.



For today’s maths, you are going to focus on decimals as fractions. There is a video to watch, then a task to complete. You can answer the questions in your exercise book.

Remember, you can pause the video at any point.

Start by watching the video and then open the pdf sheet underneath for the questions.

Maths Decimals 4



You have your product. You have your packaging. You have your slogan. You know what makes the product something that everyone will want. Now you've just got to advertise it. Where will you perform your advert? Are you going to ask someone to video it so that you can watch it back? If you have video editing software, you could combine your video with graphics. It's up to you! Have a few practises and then go for it! Have fun.




In this lesson, you are going to think about planning a simple budget. How much money is coming in (being received)? How much is going out (being spent)? Can we always afford all the things we need and all, some or none of the things we want?

Right click on the pdf to open it in a new tab or window to find out about budgeting. Then use the Budget Cards and the Budget Calendar to see if you can help a family to plan their spending. If you are unable to print the work out, just copy the calendar grid neatly into your book before filling it in. You can view the other documents onscreen.



The Daily Joke Answer: laughlaugh

Eclipse it!