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Yoohoo, everyone!!!! 

Here are yesterday’s answers:

The Daily Joke: laugh

What do you call a man who can’t stand?

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For today’s maths, we are going to, once again, use some resources from White Rose that have been designed especially for home learning. There is a video to watch, then a task to complete – you can answer the questions in your exercise book. 

Start by watching the video for Lesson 4 and then open the pdf sheet underneath for the questions.

Lesson 4



For Today’s English, you are going to consider how simple actions and use of the face and voice can really bring a poem to life. Learn some of the strategies that the readers in the clips use and then you can include some of the learning in your own performance of The Charge of the Light Brigade which you will work on tomorrow.

Watch the first video.

What simple facial expressions do the performers use?

How do they use their voices?

Now watch Michael Rosen perform 'We’re Going on a Bear Hunt'.

What simple actions does he use?

Does he use them all the way through? Why?

How does he use his voice?

You will need to draw upon the observations you have made tomorrow.


You will continue your Viking project, today. Based on the information you gathered yesterday, please produce a piece of work about longships. You can do your own thing but we have included a picture that you could colour and annotate or a paper model template that you could print and make.

Here is a factsheet to summarise yesterday’s learning:


The Daily Joke Answer: laughlaugh