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Thursday's Activities

Today's Activities:



Your maths activity today is to go on a 'number hunt' around your house or, if you are going out for a walk, the local area. What numbers can you find? Which is the biggest number? Which is the smallest number? Please show us what you find on Tapestry!



Today we would like you to practise writing your name - you could trace over it, write it outside in the garden, paint it, use stickers - it's entirely up to you! Don't forget to add a photo on Tapestry!




Today's topic activity is one using Technology. We would like you to have a go at playing the 'Down on the Farm' game on the CBeebies website. Try to look after your animals, plant some seeds and watch as the seasons change.


Don't forget about PE with Joe, live every morning at 9AM on his YouTube Channel (there is a link on the Pre-School class page) - enjoy!