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Morning Class 7 and 8. 


What a busy day you had yesterday, we hope you enjoyed your home learning! 


Have a look below to find out what exciting challenges lay ahead today! 

When you have completed your English research task, please log into Socrative (click the link below) and enter THEHALL2 followed by your name (if there is another person in the year group with the same name as you please enter your last initial too). 


In Socrative there are a few questions for you to answer about the topic you have chosen for your report. When you have done this we will be able to see what you have chosen to write your reports about, we are really looking forward to finding out. 


Multiplying by 4 and 8

Year 3 are doing well in our TT Rockstars battle. Some of you have contributed a huge amount of coins already, LMa, GM and AW. Thank you. However 17 more children have played from Year 4 than Year 3. It would make a huge difference to our overall total if everyone played at least one or two games each day. There's still lots of time left so if everyone joins in we could win. We know you can do it Year 3!