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Hello, Year 6. We hope that everyone is ready for another day of home learning! 


If you haven’t seen this week’s newsletter, we’d like to bring this to your attention. Do you remember back in January when you wrote a piece about ‘connections’ and could enter the Rotary Club competition? Well here is the result…


It always takes a bit of courage to enter a competition so well done to everyone who did. You probably made it very hard for the judges!


Here are yesterday’s answers:


Now for today’s learning:


The Daily Joke: laugh

How do you make a tissue dance?

(answer is at the bottom)


Click here for today’s Newsround Story.



Today, your task is to write the second chapter of your Quest. Have your characters escaped The Castle yet? Have they descended Chalk Cliff? Perhaps they have crossed Sox Bridge. Are the characters still all together? We wonder…

If you need to, please refer back to the pdf to remind yourself of the requirements. Here it is:



Today is our final lesson on angles, specifically angles in polygons. There is a video to watch, then a task to complete. You can answer the questions in your exercise book. It's quite hard today, so just do your best.

Remember, you can pause the video at any point.

Start by watching the video and then open the pdf sheet underneath for the questions.

Maths Angles Lesson 9


How did you get on with figure drawing yesterday? It’s tricky isn’t it? Drawing people is something that even artists find difficult so keep persevering! Click on the pdf below to find out how we’d like you to develop this skill, today.


The Daily Joke Answer: laughlaugh

You put a little boogie in it!