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Tuesday 19th May

Are you ready for another great day of learning Year 4? Scroll down to see what's in store for you today! Don't forget to also go onto TT Rockstars and support Year 4 in our battle against Year 3! We are doing well so far laugh


We love reading your feedback on Socrative. Remember to log on each day to tell us how you have found the activities. The link has been provided for you below:

Class 9 = CLASS9AN

Class 10 = INGHAM6508

We love looking at all of the wonderful things you have been doing at home. If possible, try and get an adult to email in at least one example of your work each week ( or use twitter if you have that option available.


This morning, we would like you to have a go at copying out the poem below in your neatest joined up handwriting. Make sure to take your time and use the lines in your handwriting books carefully. You may wish to use your pens when practicing. It's your choice :) If you have ran out of pages in your handwriting book, there should be some spare books in the entrance of school which you can help yourself to. Alternatively, there are some lines attached below:



Picture 1

Reading Comprehension

For this week's reading activity, we would like you to have a go at another brilliant BBC Bitesize activity. It's all about a book called Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland. Here's the link:


Good Morning Year 4! We had lots of lovely feedback about the activity yesterday. It was nice to hear that you enjoyed solving the mystery. Today, we are going to continue recapping on our Year 4 knowledge! We have one more mystery for you to solve. Click on the pdf below and all will be revealed!


Today's English lesson is a special one off activity linked to World War II. You can add it to your WWII booklet. Open the PDF to find out more:


Today, we're going to recap on everything we have learnt over the past few weeks about the Home Front. You are going to produce a final page for your World War II booklet. Read through the lesson and then choose which level you are going to complete:

Other Activities


Below, we have some provided some useful links which you may wish to have a look at. This includes, Spellodrome, Newsround and TT Rockstars!  There is also a reading comprehension task on Monday's page if you didn't manage to have a go yesterday. Please don't feel as though you need to do everything, these are just some nice ideas for you to challenge yourself.


We have also put the link to Oxford Owl. Here you can find lots of nice e-books and audiobooks! Check the Class9/10 pages for the login details.