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Hello to you all. We hope you managed to access the resources, yesterday. Here’s today’s learning for you.


The Daily Joke: laugh

Why don’t eggs tell jokes?

(the answer is at the bottom of the page)


Click here for today’s Newsround Story.


Today, please complete a piece of English from your starter pack (either the grammar or the comprehension - which ever one you didn't do yesterday), Reasoning Quiz 2 and Paper 2 of the Arithmetic. If you were not at school on Friday 20th March and your pack was not collected for you, you will find these documents in the Take Home Pack section. Answers will be uploaded on Wednesday.


You will continue your Viking project, today. Based on the information you gathered yesterday, please produce a piece of work about the Viking attack on Lindisfarne. Remember, you could do this as a written explanation, draw pictures, write a poem, make a model, use a map…anything you like to show your understanding. Here is a fact sheet to summarise yesterday’s learning:

As today is a P.E. Day, have a look at this video and give some of the moves a go.

Here is the address to copy and paste if the clip won't load within this website:


If you enjoy the work out, Joe is leading a ‘live lesson’ of P.E. every day at 9.00am on his You Tube Channel. Obviously, we are not able to see these in advance so we can’t be entirely sure of the content but his workouts are recommended by South Charnwood School Sport & Physical Activity Network.

The Daily Joke Answer:

They crack up too easily.  laughlaugh