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Tuesday's Activities

Today's Activities:




Today we are carrying on with our pirate theme, we would like you to give the pirate the correct amount of treasure. Download the PowerPoint below and put the correct number of diamonds in the treasure chest. There is no need to print these, you can move the diamonds with a mouse (if using a computer) or by using your finger (if using a tablet/phone). 



Your English activity today is all about 'mark-making'. Now as our topic this week is 'Pirates and Mermaids', we thought we could make something that pirates find very useful... a treasure map! 


The most important thing to remember about treasure maps is that there is always some hidden treasure under the letter 'x'.  Have a look at the treasure maps below to see how the map is marked out - there are trees, mountains, the open seas and one of them even says about a dragon!





Use these to help you create your own treasure map. What treasure would you bury? And don't forget... 'X' marks the spot!