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Tuesday's Learning

Happy Tuesday Class 3 and 4! Yesterday The Hall School launched their official twitter page, have you seen it yet?  

The account is @hallglenfield. It would be great to see some of the lovely home learning that you have been up to, use the hashtag #hallathome.


English Tuesday 31st ,March 2020


Phonics starter:

Can you help this Easter chick? She wants to fill her basket BUT only with words that have a ch digraph at the start. Get your pencil and paper ready and write as many words as you can think of in order to fill the chick's basket. 

Challenge- Can someone at home time you? 2 minutes, how many did you get? Can you try again and double your score!?


Your next Easter English challenge is on the worksheet below. Try to do this as independently as you can. Use the sounds in the hot cross buns to finish the words and then hunt for them in the wordsearch. Good luck and if you find all the words it would be great to see them on #hallathome if someone at home use's Twitter.

Easter missing sounds and wordsearch





Did you complete the ice cream challenge yesterday? We hope you enjoyed it!


Below is an Easter basket challenge. Print off the sheet or draw in your workbook to find all of the possible combinations of Easter egg baskets the Easter Bunny can use.


If you prefer you can do spring flower colour combinations using red, blue and green colours.


Enjoy the challenge and have fun!




Easter basket challenge

Afternoon task

31st March 


Can you remember the Picasso inspired portraits we made at the start of the year?


We would like you to use Picasso's bright colours and creative ideas again to create your own Easter bunnies or Easter chicks if some of you already made the bunnies on the last Friday of school. 


Below you will see some ideas that might help you but we want you to be as creative as possible.




Have fun getting creative!

You could take a photograph and use #hallathome for us to see your art work once it's finished.