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Tuesday's Learning

Good Morning Year One! 





We hope you enjoyed yesterday's learning and have read the letters we have written.

It's been quite a while since we've all been together at school and we wonder which of your friends you are looking forward to seeing when you can? We have such fun at school and it's even better when we have fun with our friends!!!


It's Tuesday today and we have some fun learning ahead!


Today's Maths and English learning tasks are below. 



We hope that you enjoyed getting creative yesterday to make the front cover of your memory book. 


Today you will find some ideas of pages that you could complete and add to your memory page. 


Below you can find out what our favourite memories of this year have been. 


Mrs Allcock has loved singing songs each day with you all. You all know how much I love to sing! 


Click on one of our favourites to sing along at home.

Give It All You Got(Lyrics)

Took ages subscribe

The School Rule Song - Words on Screen™ Original - School Songs

'Together' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Mrs Masters has loved our PE lessons where we have moved in lots of different ways as well as using a variety of equipment. Our weekend news and story sessions have also been thoroughly enjoyable!




Miss Lowe has enjoyed 'make and achieve' sessions with Class 3. You blow my socks off every Friday with the exciting things you create at home. The fun dance routines you create with your friends always make me smile and just how talented each and every one of your are in your own special way!




We hope that you have had a chance to read the letter which we wrote you all. You may want to write a letter back to your class teacher which could be sent on to us or added into your memory book.

Below you will find some useful documents which you could use to help you. 



Yesterday your maths problem was all about finding different ways to make an amount with money.


Which coins did you use?



Today's problem of the day is all about adding to make a total.



Remember you can use counters, cubes or anything you find at home to help you.