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Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Year 4! How are things going for you in Week 2? Have you had a look at the Easter activities yet? We are really enjoying reading your comments on Socrative to keep up to date with your learning. Also, it would be great to see some of your work on our school Twitter page. Ask an adult to follow @HallGlenfield if they haven't already done so and post photos of your work at #hallathome. Don't forget to check out our class pages for all the latest notifications and messages:



Morning Activity 

How many words can you make using these letters in two minutes? Try and have a competition with a someone at home if you can. You can add up your score at the end. 

Rules: Your letters have to join up (you can go diagonal) and you can use the same letter more than once!

Picture 1
Each letter in your word is worth 1 point. Add up your scores at the end of the 2 minutes and see what you get! 

Times Tables

Have a go at your division facts on hit the button. Pick a times table of your choice. Try and challenge yourself with a more tricky one. Go ahead and share your scores with us on socrative at the end of the day laugh.


Hello Year 4. Today we are going to look at writing hundredths as decimals. Before we do this, we would like you to warm yourselves up by using the digit cards below to find as many ways as possible of making the number 200. You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Don't forget to use column/bus stop method to help you!
Picture 1

Next, carefully watch the video on writing hundredths as decimals. Hopefully the Kahoot activity yesterday gave you a chance to refresh your memory on this. You may wish to pause the video and answer the questions as you go along. As always, here is the link in case the video does not load:


Still image for this video
I hope that you found the video clear and helpful! Please have a go at answering the questions in your purple books if you haven't done so already. You will need to neatly draw out the place value grids. Make sure that you put the date (01/04/20) at the top and the subject (Maths). If you wish to print out the sheets, just staple or glue them in (You do not have to print them out, it is perfectly fine to answer in your books).


Read through the PDF below, for today's exiciting drama lesson!


As a warm up, please complete this Kahoot quiz, based on this term's learning. Click on the link for your class:



Now it’s your turn!

Using all the knowledge you have acquired in Science, over the last few weeks, we want you to create a quiz about animals (Including humans). You could ask questions on:

· animal types (eg. amphibians, reptiles)

· animal habitats

· the digestive system, including teeth

· food chains

Try to include a variety of questions types—true/false,  multiple choice, open ended.

You could make questions cards, a board game that includes questions, or read out a quiz to your family. Be creative! Don’t forget to let us know how you get on via Socrative.


Happy quizzing!   



Well done to everyone who has managed to provide us with some feedback on Socrative! It is lovely for us to hear about your reflections and it gives us a chance to see who has been going on. Hopefully, by now you are starting to get into the routine of doing this. For those of you that haven't managed to go on, give it a go! It will only take a couple of minutes. 


If you are with Mr Nagar, please type in the code: CLASS9AN followed by your name. 

If you are with Miss Ingham, please type in the code: INGHAM6508 followed by your name. 

Other Activities

Below, we have some provided some useful links which you may wish to have a look at. This includes, Oxford Owl, Spellodrome, Newsround, TT Rockstars and also a 60 second read! Give it a go yes Please don't feel as though you need to do everything, these are just some nice ideas for you to challenge yourself.