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Wednesday's Activities

Today's Activities:




Today we would like you to go into your garden or go on a walk and check off the summer items that you see. How many of each item do you find? There is no need to print the checklist, you might want to make one of your own, or record your marks on paper. In my garden, I can see 3 birds and 12 flowers. 



Good morning, today we would like you to have a think about some of the things you have been doing at home because we are going to create our very own postcards. As we cannot see our friends and family, it is a nice idea to send them a picture or a message. Have a think about whom you would send your message to. What have you enjoyed doing? What would you like to tell them? What toys or games have you enjoyed playing?


Talk to a grownup about what you want to say, you might even want to have a go at writing some words using your sounds. You could also sign your name at the bottom and draw a lovely picture at the front of your postcard.


Here is an example below: