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Wednesday's Learning

Good morning Year 1, we hope you are all well

and have been keeping busy!


Below are today's learning activities.





Now we are in Spring there are lots of colourful flowers around.

Today we would like you to count the flowers in your garden or that you spot when you are out on a walk or bike ride. You can record the number of flowers you count using tally marks.



Above shows a tally for 5 flowers. An adult can help you record as you count. When you have completed counting your flowers have a go at finding the total by counting in fives.


Below is a link for a counting in fives song for you to sing along to.




English Wednesday 1st April 2020


Have you been on Spellodrome? This is a great way to test your spelling skills and collect up those points!

Today on your walk or when you look around the garden, it would be great to use your senses to describe what you can smell, touch, see and hear. Can you hear any birds singing? Can you see any colourful flowers? On the worksheet below or in your exercise books draw or write down some of the different signs of Spring you spot in your garden or on your walk.

Don't forget to wash your hands when you come back inside!




Signs of Spring Using Your Senses Worksheet

Science/ Art 

1st April


We hope you enjoyed getting creative yesterday and it is great to see some of Year 1's work already featured on The Hall's Twitter account.


Today whilst exploring the outdoors I wonder if you spotted any daffodils growing. For your afternoon task we are going to look closely at daffodils and have a go at creating a piece of art work. (If you don’t have daffodils growing in your garden you can choose any other flower)


First of all let’s start by taking a closer look at the daffodils. Take one of your flowers and look at it very closely. What shape are they? What colours can you see?


Now let’s create our own version of a daffodil still life. Think about what you saw and felt when you were investigating your daffodil.

How will you create your daffodil picture?

Are you going to create a single daffodil or a bunch of them? A whole flower or just a part of one?

Are you going to copy the real colours of a daffodil or use other colours?