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Wednesday's Learning

Good Morning Year One !


We hope you have enjoyed the home learning so far this week. What has been your favourite part so far?




In our letter to you, we mentioned that each and every one of you is special. Each of you is different and unique and that is what we love!

We hope you are all still sparkling despite not being able to do lots of your usual things.



Below you will find today's Maths and English activities for you to try. We hope you enjoy them!




Yesterday we were thinking about all of the fun we've had in Year One. 


Today we are going to be looking ahead to Year Two.


A new school year means the start of something new. New learning, new friends, new teacher and lots of new memories. 


I wonder what you are most looking forward to.


We hope you've had a chance to read the letter from your new class teacher. You may want to write a reply or make a booklet all about you which you could bring back to school on your first day.


Below you find some useful documents which you could use to help you.



We're sure that you have things that you would like to achieve in Year Two. Below there is an idea for you to plan some goals. 



When things change it is normal to feel lots of feelings. You may be excited for new challenges, shy when meeting your new teacher, nervous for your first day. You may also feel worried about a new class after the summer holidays and that is okay. We all feel worried sometimes.




Below you will find a lovely story and some useful activities which will help you to talk about any worries you might have with somebody at home.



Yesterday you were finding the total in the problem we gave you.

Did you manage to make all of the numbers? What did you use to help you?


Today we are going to explore finding different possibilities. 



How many different ways did you find to share the eggs between the nests?