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Week beginning 1.6.20

Thank you AE-K for sharing your report with us. It looks like you have really enjoyed learning all about space! It is full of interesting facts and many report writing features. I especially love how creative you have been with your front cover. A super effort AE-K, well done! smiley
Wow!! A huge well done to TJ for all of the hard work and effort put into the home learning this week. Thank you for sharing all of your work with us. Well done for using many report features in your writing and for your efforts in maths. Your topic work is excellent, I love your reflective jacket design! It looks like you are having lots of fun with your home learning! Double thumbs up yesyes
Thank you OO'F for sharing some of your report pages and maths learning with us. Well done for using many features of report writing and presenting your work so neatly. Excellent effort with your maths too! Keep up the hard work! laugh
Wow! What an incredible effort JA. You should be extremely proud of your report, you have created a wonderful piece of work. Well done for using lots of the report writing features and presenting your work with such care and pride. Double thumbs up yesyes
A huge well done to FL for creating a magnificent Roman shield! You would be very well protected in battle with that FL. Nice bold colours and an intricate design - great effort!  yes
Wow! What an interesting report page PJ. Well done for structuring your page so clearly and presenting your work beautifully. Your report page has lots of interesting facts too, we have learnt all about a new sport called Kabaddi! Thank you PJ! 
What a super Roman shield AL. You clearly worked hard creating an interesting design and painting it so neatly. A few more and you could create your own tortoise like the Roman army!
Wow! Fascinating information on 2 of the big 5 safari animals EP representing lots of hard work. It is excellent to see you presenting your work carefully and using many features of non-chronological reports. Well done. 
Thanks for sending us your interesting questions about space for your non-chronological report IB. I wonder how many answers you managed to find? It's good to know that you are enjoying the work we are setting you.
What fabulous work on your non-chronological report LMa. You have clearly worked incredibly hard, found out lots of interesting information and presented your work superbly. We are really proud of you. Well done.
Well done EM. Your design for a reflective is super. I could see it in the shops! Clearly lots of hard work has gone into your non-chronological report about the solar system. Very well presented too. Excellent job.
Fabulous application of your science work RJ. R suggested a way to heat your paddling pool is to reflect the light from the Sun. Why not give it a go next time? We hope you enjoyed the cloud spotting activity. You found lots of interesting shapes. We've included one of them below.
A fantastic report DJ. You covered so many interesting things about ocean life and your presentation is excellent. Your pictures make your report very eye-catching too. You should be very proud of yourself. We certainly are. Well done smiley

Well done LMe. It was great to see your work about dinosaurs and small animals. It looks like you've been working really hard. Thanks for sharing.


DJ, AC, VA and AH we have enjoyed looking at your hard work on Twitter. Keep it up!