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Week beginning 22.6.20

A super well done to ES! It is lovely to see your computing skills developing, you have created a very professional looking PowerPoint with lots of fascinating facts! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your story too, well done for using lots of technical features in your writing which makes it creative and exciting to read! 


Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic piece of writing with us IR. I have really enjoyed reading about your trick, well done for including lots of technical features in your writing. It really does make your work very exciting and interesting to read! A super job! yesyes
Well done TJ, you have had another brilliant week! yes Thank you for sharing your work with us, it is lovely to see you enjoying all areas of your learning. A special mention for your creative writing piece, I very much enjoyed reading about the tricks that the Twits have been up to and well done for persevering with your maths challenges. wink
Wow! What a beautiful piece of art work RM. It is lovely to see you being so creative, well done for using lots of different materials to create an effective piece of art. laugh
Very well done LH, your pet for the Twits is very creative and we like that you have been practising your drawing skills too! yes
Wow! What a fantastic piece of art work to demonstrate a local geography site. I love how creative you have been PJ! Double thumbs up yesyes
Thank you for sharing all of your hard work with us OO-F. It looks like you have been working extremely hard, very well done! I am pleased to see such beautiful handwriting too! Another double thumbs up yesyes
Well done PJ for scoring 25/25 on a TT Rockstars soundcheck. You said it was your aim and you achieved it yes.
Your apple pie trick made us laugh LMa laugh. Well done for including lots of adjectives, speech and paragraphs in your work. We liked your pet Twitty too, very aptly named! 
LMe thanks for sharing your work about The Twits. We're glad that you enjoyed the story. Clearly, you have been working hard to join your handwriting, really well done yes. We're pleased to see paragraphs, description, speech, synonyms for said and lots of adjectives in your work. All of these help make your ideas clear and interesting to read  smiley.
AH - It was wonderful to hear you reading your description of Mr Twit's beard on Twitter. A big thumbs up yes and thanks for sharing.
RJ - Your Twits trick sounds painful! It was very imaginative though and we loved the interesting selection of adverbs you used throughout smiley . We also loved your silhouette. You included lots of interesting things about yourself. Thanks for sharing.