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Year 4 Overview

Year 4 Overview

Hello Year 4! We've put together a list of some of the expectations for this year, as well as some of the important things you need to remember. If you have any questions, make sure to see either Mr Nagar or Miss Ingham!



  • Each week, you will be given two homework tasks. This will include one Maths activity and one English/Science/Topic/Art/DT activity. 
  • Your homework activities will be set every Thursday and you will have until Tuesday of the following week to complete and hand in your work.
  • Homework must be completed neatly, using a pencil (unless online) and must be returned in the correct folder. 
  • You must make sure that you take responsibility for your homework and see Mr Nagar or Miss Ingham if you are stuck. 


  • Each week, on Friday, you will be given eight spellings to learn.
  • You will have one full week to learn your spellings for a test the following Friday.
  • Spellings will be stuck in/written into homework diaries each week on Friday. A copy of the weekly spellings can be found on the 'spellings' page:
  • We would like you to go onto Spellodrome frequently to practice your spellings. This will help you with your writing in English

Times Tables:

  • In Year 4, we expect that by the end of the year you should be confident with all of your times tables up to 12.
  • Each week, we would like you to practice your times tables using TT Rockstars. 
  • In addition to this, you may also wish to use Hit The Button to practice a more specific times table. 
  • Weekly times tables tests will take place on Fridays. You will be given a times table to learn each week.


  • Each week, we expect you to read for at least 30 minutes whilst you are away from school. 
  • If you are reading independently, you must write down (in pencil), the name of the book you are reading and the pages you've read.
  • If possible, at least once a week, try and read with an adult and get them to leave a comment for you!
  • We have provided some recommendations for you if you are looking for something new:

Homework Diaries:

  • Homework diaries are an important communication tool for you to use. 
  • You must use these to write down the name of any books that you have read across the week (including comments from an adult if you have read together). 
  • Homework diaries will have the spellings for the week written/stuck in.
  • Homework diaries must be brought into school each day. 
  • You must have your homework diary signed off each week ready for us to check on Friday.


  • Throughout Year 4, we focus a lot on making sure that our handwriting and presentation is neat. Specifically, we will work on developing our use of 'cursive' handwriting.
  • For individuals who demonstrate consistently neat handwriting across the year, we will be handing our pens.