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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Masters, Miss Comb, Mrs Dempsey and Miss Heafford welcome you to Year 1. Remember to ‘Aim High, Reach High’ and ‘Be who you want to be!’





Our author of the term is Roger Hargreaves.




In reading and writing we have been focussing on different vocabulary used within sentences. We have learnt about and discussed adjectives, nouns and verbs as well linking our ideas together with conjunctions.

We have used a range of punctuation including question marks, commas and exclamation marks.

Challenge yourself to write a shopping list, a letter, an advert or a story at home using these skills.




We begin each session with an interactive activity called ‘Magical Maths’ where all children have the time to practise previous taught methods and strategies. In future weeks we will be exploring the concepts of money and time.


Recognising the value of different coins

Sequencing events in chronological order

Recognising days of the week and months of the year

Telling the time to the hour/half past the hour







Spellings are given out each Friday to learn for a test the following week. Please remember to practise little and often and apply each in your independent writing.




Homework is handed out each Friday and to be completed by the following Wednesday.

Activities range from our current English, Mathematic and Topic work.


Next term we will begin learning about the role of Kings and Queens.

Read about our monarch at the link below.




We have planting our own beans and sunflowers and observing what they need in order to grow.

Watch the video clips to learn more about growing and looking after our environment.





At school we have been using the ipads to take photographs of our environment and have used google maps/ earth to explore features we see. In the computer suite we have used a variety of programs for investigation and research. We also use the programmable toys e.g. bee bots.


This term we have been discussing feelings and sharing how we can respond to our emotions.