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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Your Year Two teachers are Miss Tomlinson and Miss Follows.



In Year Two you will get to learn about lots of exciting things and go on a residential trip!





This term we will be reading and sharing stories from Julia Donaldson, Jill Murphy and Valarie Thomas.


You will be exploring the features of letter writing and will write your own letters and postcards.


We will be looking at what a setting is and will use adjectives to create and describe our own.



During this term we will be developing our number skills.


We will learn how to use the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve number problems.


We will also be looking at how to solve two step word problems and developing our reasoning skills.



Keep practising your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.


Camel times table:



Spellings will be set every Friday in the yellow books. We are currently teaching the children a variety of strategies to learn these independently at home. Please encourage your children to use these to support their learning of the spellings.



Homework will be sent home every Friday in the children's red folders. When completed it should be returned to the homework box in the classroom.



This term we have some very exciting topics coming up!


We will be learning all about the coast.


We will exploring all the different features of the coast.





In science we will be looking at Materials.



You may wish to explore different materials with your child at home and discuss their properties.




Follow the link to find a selection of French songs that the children will be singing along to over the year. Why not ask your child to sing the song to you or to teach you it so that you can sing along together!




Our unit this term is: Rain, rain, go away

We will be describing different kinds of weather using classroom instruments.


Can you make some sounds to match this type of weather?

Can you make some sounds to match this type of weather? 1


This term we are thinking about what Muslims believe.


Can you remember the symbol for Islam? What about the other main religions?


Our challenge game will start in week 1!




RE: Our year in pictures!

RE: Our year in pictures! 1
RE: Our year in pictures! 2
RE: Our year in pictures! 3
RE: Our year in pictures! 4
RE: Our year in pictures! 5
RE: Our year in pictures! 6
RE: Our year in pictures! 7
RE: Our year in pictures! 8
RE: Our year in pictures! 9