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Assembly Themes

It is our aim to develop the whole child through our assembly programme. We use assemblies as a further opportunity to talk to children about our character values and our school motto 'Together we can make a difference'.

We invite people in from the community such as the police, the fire service, the canals and rivers trust, various charities and the NSPCC to talk to the children about keeping safe. Assemblies will pick up on issues that are important locally, nationally and world wide. 

We celebrate and mark a range of festivals and important events across the year.

We also like to showcase different curriculum subjects throughout the year.

Weekly class assemblies allow teachers to focus on the needs of their classes and provide an opportunity to teach about respect and manners through our R Time programme. 

During the year, each class will invite families in to be part of an assembly with them. 

Each term we have themes that provide a focus for our assemblies.

Autumn Term


Week 1: Welcome

Week 2: Attitude and Ambition

Week 3: British Values - Rule of Law

Week 4: British Values - Individual Liberty

Week 5: British Values - Mutual Respect and harvest

Week 6: British Values -Tolerance (of different faiths and beliefs)



Week 7: British Values - Tolerance (of each other)

Week 8: Safety

Week 9: Remembering

Week 10: 'Make a Noise about bullying' - Anti-bullying week, Children in Need

Week 11: Road Safety Week

Week 12: Advent 1 (Hope and anticipation)

Week 13: Advent 2 (Love)

Week 14: Advent 3 (Joy)

Week 15: Advent 4 (Peace)


Spring Term


All assemblies are around the theme of 'Everyone's Welcome' to launch our new initiative that will become part of the school ethos.


Summer Term

Week 1: Kindness

Week 2: Resilience

Week 3: Independence

Week 4: Enthusiasm

Week 5: Self-Reflection 

Week 6: Perseverance

Week 7: Responsibility

Week 8: Challenge

Week 9: Self-control

Week 10: Keeping safe

Week 11: Moving on and transition

Week 12: Optimism

Week 13: Celebration