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Assembly Themes

It is our aim to develop the whole child through our assembly programme. We also like to showcase different curriculum subjects throughout the year. Each term we have themes that provide a focus for our assemblies.

For the first half of the Autumn Term we have focused our assemblies on supporting children with our new routines and giving them positive messages to develop their self-esteem and wellbeing.


Week 1: Welcoming and Reconnecting

Week 2: Hygiene

Week 3: Healthy bodies

Week 4: Healthy behaviour

Week 5: Resilience

Week 6: Sleep

Week 7: Wellbeing and Harvest

Week 8: Healthy Communities


For the second half of the Autumn Term we are thinking about important messages and safety.


Week 1: I am a learner

Week 2: Staying Safe and Fire Safety

Week 3: Finding a Light in the Darkness (Children in Need, Remembrance, Diwali)

Week 4: United Against Bullying

Week 5: Road Safety Week

Week 6: Advent 1 and 2 (Hope and Love)

Week 7: Advent 3 (Joy)

Week 8: Advent 4 (Peace and Purity)


For the Spring Term we pick up on some key events happening nationally and also focus on some of the character values that form part of the school ethos. 


Week 1: Our Natural World (RSPB Birdwatch)

Week 2: Talent Takes Practise

Week 3: Resilience

Week 4: Being Unique

Week 5: Finding Some Calm (Children's Mental Health Week)

Week 6: E-Safety (Safer Internet Day)

Week 7: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

Week 8: Enjoying Reading (World Book Day)

Week 9: Patience

Week 10: Being Grateful

Week 11: Kindness

Week 12: Commitment

Week 13: Forgiveness


For the Summer Term, we reflect on key messages that may be important at this particular time of year.


Week 1: Being Envirinmentally Friendly

Week 2: Beliefs

Week 3: Happiness

Week 4: Self-Control

Week 5: Wellbeing

Week 6: Learning from our Mistakes

Week 7: Keeping Safe

Week 8: Music and Musicians

Week 9: Moving on and transition

Week 9: Next Steps