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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Your teachers are Miss Ingham (Class 10), Mr Nagar (Class 9) and Mrs Geisler (Team Teacher).

Other adults supporting the year group are Mrs Breckon and Miss Statham.

Check the class page regularly to find out new links and activities connected to our class work.



Click on these links to find some great books to read...

As well as our regular English lessons we are also focusing on GaPS this year.

GaPS stands for grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Follow the link for hint sheets and targets for the year.




By the end of Year 4 you should know your times tables up to 12 x 12!


Follow the link for the targets for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.





Homework is set every Thursday and must be returned by the following Tuesday. You will be given 2 pieces of homework each week which will usually be Maths, plus English/Science/Topic.


Maths homework will be set in the Maths homework book, the other piece will be in your red folder.


If homework is not completed on time, the children will attend homework club on a Thursday.


You are also expected to practise spellings and times tables and to read regularly (this should be recorded in your Homework Diary and signed by an adult, at least once a week).





Here are a selection of French songs that the children will be singing along to over the year. Why not ask your child to sing the song to you or to teach you it so that you can sing along together!



Our unit this term is: Animal Magic.

We will be finding out how composers use the musical elements to describe animal characteristics.

How could we describe an animal which does not make a sound, like a rabbit?  What other characteristics would we need to consider?  



In recorders, we will be learning to hold and blow the instrument correctly, and learning to read and play the notes B, A and G.


This term learning about Hindus in Britain today.


Look forward to: handling artefacts, lego figures, an unusual box of chocolates, a trip and much more!

RE: Our year in pictures!

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