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The children at The Hall have been supporting a Street Project in Malawi. Through one of our families we heard about an Orphanage of street children living in a village just outside Lilongwe. The children make animal models out of beads and wires from the back of old fridges to sell in order to raise money to build a school and a place to live. At our Christmas Bazaars, we sell these models and are able to raise money.

The children, through the School Council, got involved. They took on various tasks including fund raising and writing letters to each child. Due to the exchange rate with the local currency, (Kwatcha), our first contribution was enough to build the roof on the school building! The windows and doors were fitted and walls plastered. The school then opened at the end of May 2018.


We also heard how scarce resources are so each class collected stationery items to fill pencil cases for each child. Just before Christmas 2018 we had a visit from Lisa Bacaresse, our contact with the Orphanage. She led an inspiring assembly where we learnt about the progress of the school building. She brought us one of the ‘home made’ bricks which we put on display. We presented the 40 pencil cases which were used in the school. We received an email thanking us for, “the fabulous pencil cases – they will be greatly appreciated.” Our children watched a film of the Malawi children singing songs of thanks for all the help we have given to them. It is a great privilege to be a small part of the big picture and are continuing our support in different ways:


  • The School Council created playtime picture stories to encourage the children to play together. These were put up on the walls in the new school.
  • Year Two sent letters to each child and replies have been sent back. It was great to read their news.
  • We collected and sent educational wall charts for the teacher in the new school to use to teach the children.
  • The Hall School children sent some of their art work to hang up in the school. We then received work back from Malawi connecting the children from both schools. 


    Continuing to fundraise to support the expansion of the school by selling more animals at various PTA events. We continue to receive these animals via our contact in Malawi. 


    Latest News:

    Please see the powerpoints below to see all the exciting things that are happening: 

Malawi Update November 2023

Malawi sale at the Christmas Bazaar