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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Mrs Allcock, Mrs Masters and Miss Lowe welcome you to Year 1.

Remember 'You never know what you can do until you try!'

Year One - Home Learning

Please read the update- 01.06.20


Good morning everyone! We hope you all had a lovely half term break in the sunshine and are ready for some more learning at home. 


Over the final 6 weeks of the summer term we will continue to provide you with activities that you can do at home. At the start of each week we will upload daily Mathematics and English tasks within Monday- Thursday's learning pages.  You will now find all of our topics for the Summer term in the 'topic learning' folder. We encourage you to explore these activities at your own pace and they are intended to last you the whole 6 weeks. Each Friday will be dedicated to Music, French and Religious Education and can be found in Friday's learning page. Monday- Friday's activities will then be deleted at the end of each week. 


Our 'Additional Challenges' are still there for any extra ideas of fun things to do with a new 30 Days Wild added for June. The bookworm challenge is also still going and we look forward to seeing any new books you've read and recommend.


Remember you do not need to print out the documents which we suggest. They are there simply to give you different ideas of how you could complete a task at home. 

We hope you've enjoyed your home learning so far and well done for all of the effort to complete it. We would like to say a huge thank you again for your continued support and hard work during such a difficult time. 
Stay safe, look after each other and we hope to all be able to return to school safely soon.


Year One Team




Instead of an author of the term, this year we are looking at exploring lots of different books with the children. We encourage the children to talk about books they like to read at home, sometimes they want to bring their books into school and its great to share different stories! Here are some authors that we recommend:



In reading and writing we will be focusing on using our phonics and becoming familiar with a variety of texts.

You could challenge yourself to write a shopping list, postcard or a story at home using these skills.





For free access to all Phonics Play games and resources apply the Username: march20


Password: home


Also don't forget to keep on using your phonics packs that were given to you at parent's evening!




In our Mathematics lessons we use Power Maths which encourages discovery, sharing, thinking, practise and independent learning. 


This week we will be exploring numbers up to 20, recapping 2D and 3D shapes. We will also remind you about how to measure length and height.




In history we are learning about Kings and Queens throughout history. We will explore their family tree, the job of a monarch and create some interesting pieces of artwork. 



Knowledge Organiser - History



Our topic this term is healthy living and we will be exploring what it means to be healthy. 



Knowledge Organiser - Science

                            Physical Education

Over the next few weeks there are lots of things that you can do together to stay active whilst at home. We would encourage you to spend time outside as much as possible practising skills such as; jumping, running, throwing, catching, skipping and climbing. 

In addition to this we have some great links below which will help to keep you moving. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga 


Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world.


Joe Wicks PE Lessons 



Change 4 Life


10 minute shake ups are a great way to fit little bursts of movement into your day. 



Knowledge Organiser Spring




Our unit this term is: Rain, Rain , Go Away


We will be finding out about how music can describe things and make us feel a certain way, or even see images in our heads.

We will be finding out how music can describe different minibeasts.





Picture 1

Can you work out what the minibeast is from the descriptions?



This term our thinking about caring for others and the world.


Look forward to: opposites, singing, Google Earth  and much more!


Our religious symbols game will continue!



RE: Our year in pictures

RE: Our year in pictures 1
RE: Our year in pictures 2
RE: Our year in pictures 3
RE: Our year in pictures 4
RE: Our year in pictures 5
RE: Our year in pictures 6
RE: Our year in pictures 7
RE: Our year in pictures 8
RE: Our year in pictures 9
RE: Our year in pictures 10
RE: Our year in pictures 11
RE: Our year in pictures 12
RE: Our year in pictures 13


This term we will using a variety of computer programmes to create pieces of artwork. We will also be using BeeBots to learn how to programme and send instructions to a tool. The children will learn to use a range of tools on each programme and also will develop their mouse and keyboard skills.


Knowledge Organiser Computing


In Year One we will be discussing feelings and sharing how we can respond to our emotions.

Knowledge Organiser - PSHE