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I Don’t Want to go to Bed! by Julie Sykes

If you aren’t a fan of going to bed at bedtime this is a story you will enjoy. Little Tiger doesn’t like

going to bed so Mummy tells him that he can stay up all night! So Little Tiger scampers off into the

jungle before Mummy changes her mind. He meets different animals on his way through the jungle,

but soon discovers that there aren’t many friends around to play with.

Will he find his way back safely to his Mummy?


That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell

This is a fabulous story about a strong-minded girl called Emily Brown and her rabbit teddy, Stanley. Together they go on many imaginative adventures, which are shown in Neal Layton's wonderful illustrations. However, Stanley is being head-hunted by the naughty Queen Gloriana, who wants Stanley all for herself! The story gives many opportunities for using fun and silly voices for each of the characters which really captures the children's attention. Alongside being a funny story there is also an important moral to it, and in the end Emily teaches the queen that you cannot buy love, love is reciprocal and takes time, care and attention to receive! 

The children said about this book:

"That was so funny, I like when she calls him bunny wunny."

"I like doing the rat a tat tat."

"You sound so silly when you do the soldiers and the queen."

"The queen was very naughty and she wanted to steal Stanley."

Dogs in Disguise by Peter Bently and John Bond

This is a book to make you laugh. There is an idea that dogs dress up all the time: they can even wear a swimsuit and goggles and go to the swimming pool! If you’ve ever wondered what a dog looks like when it’s playing an electric guitar, then this is the book for you!

The Neighbourhood Surprise by Sarah van Dongen

This is a really sweet story about a whole neighbourhood coming together to do something nice for a kind friend. It is a happy story with a simple message and can be enjoyed by all. It brings up the opportunity to talk about the differences in people's cultures and beliefs and how this can affect their everyday lives, including what they eat, which links very well to our Everyone's Welcome approach. The children loved the illustrations of all of the different food and were able to relate it to their own experiences of parties and favourite dishes, or of being a vegetarian themselves or not being able to eat a certain food. A great short story with a happy ending.

The children said about this book:

"Mrs Fig was nice so they had a party for her."

"They made the cake so everyone can eat it."

"I like all the food it looks yummy."

"My friend is a vegetarian like Mrs Fig. He can't eat meat"

"She was their friend and she did kind things for them."

The Other Ark by Lynley Dodd

Enjoy the sound of words and rhyme in this humorous book. It tells the story of an interesting alternative to Noah's Ark with creatures from your wildest imagination. Noah's friend Sam Jam Balu gets involved and there's a funny twist waiting at the end.


The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss and Helen Oxenbury

This beautifully illustrated and wonderfully told story helps teach children about the seasons and about growing - including the growing that they will experience.

It also gives a good message about patience. A lovely story to enjoy with your child.


Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andrede and Guy Parker-Rees

This is a glorious book set in the jungle. It certainly celebrates the joy of dance and features a wonderful range of animals that children will love. It also gives wonderful messages about being true to yourself and finding your own joy and confidence. The story demonstrates how finding this can help create the best version of yourself. 


The Little Red Hen retold by Rone Randall

This story is about a hen who finds an ear of corn in the farmyard and wonders what will happen if she plants it. She learns about how crops grow and what we can make from them.


This is a modern classic of children's books. Not only does it introduce children to the idea of farming, it shows what happens when you don't help out!


The Bumble Bear by Nadia Shireen

Norman is a bear. He is a bear who loves honey so much he wants to become a bee! So he decides to go to Bee School. However, things don't quite turn out the way he was expecting.


This is a funny story with a message about fitting in with others and being accepted for who you are.


Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

Zuri loves her hair! She loves the way it kinks and curls and she loves the way it makes her feel. One style even makes her feel like a superhero! When she wakes up on a special day, Zuri wants a special hair style for the occasion. There's only one man for the job - Daddy!


This is a lovely story what, as it says on the cover, is a 'celebration of daddies and daughters everywhere'. The beautiful relationship will make you smile!


Billy and the Beast by Nadia Shireen

Billy goes for a walk in the woods and meets a beast. The beast is trying to gather the ingredients for Terrible Soup. Unfortunately, the ingredients involve many woodland creatures!


This is a funny story about how a beast learns that unkindness doesn't prosper.