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Who's Who

Teaching Staff              



Mrs Handford and Mr Walker

Co-Heads of School

Miss Taylor

SENDCo + Inclusion 

Miss Allen

Pre-School Teacher 

 Miss Chapman

 Pre-School Teacher 
 Miss Statham

 Foundation Class Teacher, RHE Leader

Mrs Brown

Foundation Class Teacher + EYFS Phase Leader + Cookery Leader + Writers' Wall + Phonics Leader

 Miss Brown Year 1 Class Teacher 

Mrs Woods

Year 1 Class Teacher + PE Leader

 Miss Follows

 Year 2 Class Teacher + Swimming Leader +   Science Leader

Mrs Gohil

Year 2 Class Teacher + Key Stage 1 Phase Leader + Maths Leader 

Mr Smith

Year 3 Class Teacher 

Mrs Gilmore/Mrs Jones

Year 3 Class Teacher + Geography Leader

Mr Dilks

Year 4 Class Teacher + Computing Leader

Miss Ingham

Year 4 Class Teacher + Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader + English Leader

Mrs McCarthy

Year 5 Class Teacher + Computing Leader + Celebrating Success

Miss Bowerbank

Year 5 Class Teacher + Design & Technology Leader

Mr Rodger

Year 6 Class Teacher + Upper KS2 Phase Leader + Mathematics Leader + Curriculum Leader

Miss Chester

Year 6 Class Teacher + History Leader + Library Leader

Mrs Wheatley

Music Teacher + Music Subject Leader

Mme. Chollet

French Teacher + MFL Subject Leader

Mrs Goodey

RE Teacher + RE Subject Leader

 Mrs Meadwell RE Teacher + British Values Leader

Mrs Masters

Team Teacher + Art & Design Leader + Wall of Achievement

 Miss Newball

 Team Teacher + SMSC Leader

 Mrs Patterson

 Team Teacher + Art Subject Leader



Governing Body


Mrs L James (Chair of Governors)        

 Appointed 5/11/2020 as

 a Parent Governor by Parent Election

 Co-opted by Governing Body on 25/9/23

Mrs R Handford and Mr S. Walker Co-Heads of School
Mrs F. Moss 

 Appointed 30/01/2023 as

 a Co-opted by Governing Body


 Staff Governor 

Ms H. Speechley  

 Appointed 25/09/2023 as

 a Co-Opted Governor by the Governing Body

Mr C. Bugh   

 Appointed 01/07/2023 as

 a Co-Opted Governor by the Governing Body

Mrs B. Patel   

 Appointed 21/03/2022 as

 a Co-Opted Governor by the Governing Body

Mrs Darshana Mohindra  Appointed 21/3/22 as a Co-Opted Governor by the  Governing   Body
Mr B. Fisher

 Appointed 27/11/2023 as Local Authority


Mr B. Tarry Appointed 1/12/2023 as Parent Governor
Miss E. Winfield Appointed 1/12/2023 as Parent Governor
Mrs D. Parmar Appointed 1/12/2023 as Parent Governor
Mrs J. Rowley    Clerk to Governors
Mr Shalin Saujani

 Parent Governor

 stepped down 13/7/23



Support Staff


Mr Clemo       

Business Manager
Mrs Hall / Mrs RowleyAdministrative Officers
Mrs Sidhu / Miss Statham Admin and ICT Assistant

Mrs Breckon               

Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs Baines Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Toon Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Sidhu Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Brown

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Lewis               

Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Cowell  Learning Support Assistant
Miss Statham Learning Support Assistant
Ms MitchellLearning Support Assistant
Mrs WaltonLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Raikundalia Learning Support Assistant
Ms BurgessLearning Support Assistant
Mr WoodLearning Support Assistant
Miss BrayLearning Support Assistant
Miss ShawLearning Support Assistant
Mrs ChoudhuryLearning Support Assistant
Miss BotterillLearning Support Assistant
Miss LunnLearning Support Assistant
Miss ToplissLearning Support Assistant
Mrs BhaktaLearning Support Assistant
Mr James          ICT Technician
Mrs Carr  Lunchtime Supervisor Pre-School
Mrs AdamsLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Patel   Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Nandakumar  Lunchtime Supervisor Pre-School
Mrs Calver

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs SharpeLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N DumanLunchtime Supervisor



Kitchen Staff


Ms. Wells        

Mrs Worrall Kitchen Staff
Mrs GloverKitchen Staff

Mrs Mullaney

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Macdonald

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Nandakumar

Kitchen Staff
Mrs RichardsKitchen Staff


Premises Staff


Mr BournePremises Officer