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Who's Who

Teaching Staff              



Miss Hayden

Head of School


Mrs Handford

Deputy Head +

Team Teacher 6


Mr Walker

Deputy Head + English Leader + Team Teacher 6


Miss Taylor

SENDCo + Inclusion +

Team Teacher Yr 5


Miss Patterson

Pre-School Teacher + Design Technology Leader



Miss Holyoak


Pre-School Teacher + Healthy School Leader
Miss Statham

 Foundation Class Teacher, PHSE Leader



Mrs Brown

Foundation Class Teacher + Cookery Leader + Writer's Wall


Miss Lowe

Year 1 Class Teacher + Science Leader


Mrs Woods

Year 1 Class Teacher + PE Leader


Miss Tomlinson

Year 2 Class Teacher + Spellodrome Leader


Miss Follows


Year 2 Class Teacher + Swimming + Science Leader


Miss Molloy


Year 3 Class Teacher


Mrs Gilmore & Mrs Jones


Year 3 Class Teacher + Geography Leader


Mr Nagar


Year 4 Class Teacher + Computing Leader


Miss Ingham


Year 4 Class Teacher + Phonics Leader



Mrs Gohil


Year 5 Class Teacher + Mathematics Leader + TT Rockstars


Miss Muzhuzha


Year 5 Class Teacher 


Mr Rodger


Year 6 Class Teacher + Middle Leader + Mathematics Leader


Miss Chester


Year 6 Class Teacher + History Leader + Celebrating Success


Mrs Wheatley


Music PPA Teacher + Music Subject Leader

Mme. Chollet

PPA Teacher + MFL Subject Leader

Mrs Goodey

PPA Teacher +

RE Subject Leader

Mrs Meadwell

PPA Teacher + SMSC + British Values Leader

 Mrs Masters


Team Teacher Year 2, 3 & 4 +Art & Design Leader  + Wall of Achievement



Governing Body


Mrs F. Moss          

Appointed 28/01/2019 as

a C0-opted by Governing Body

Miss S. Hayden Headteacher
Mr M.Furniss

Appointed 12/03/2018 as

a LA Governor by the La Governing Body

Mrs S. Jaques  

Appointed 07/06/2017 as

a Parent Governor by Parent Election

Mr S. Walker

Appointed 23/11/2016 as

a Staff Governor

Ms H. Speechley  

Appointed 07/10/2019 as

a Co-Opted Governor by the Governing Body

Mr C. Bugh   

Appointed 01/07/2019 as

a Co-Opted Governor by the Governing Body

Mrs B. Patel   

Appointed 04/01/2018 as

a Co-Opted Governor by the Governing Body

Mrs S. Tyers 

Appointed 23/11/2016 as

a Parent Governor by Parent Election

Mrs E. Winfield

MAppointed 19/11/2019 as

a Parent Governor by Parent Election

Ms S. Welton    Clerk to Governors


Support Staff


Mr Clemo       

Administrative Assistant
Mrs Hall / Mrs Rowley School Secretaries

Mrs Breckon               

Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs Baines  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Dempsey Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Griffith Learning Support Assistant
Miss Brown  Learning Support Assistant
Miss Ogungbemi  Learning Support Assistant
Ms. Mayers  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Sidhu  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Symes-Goodman Learning Support Assistant
Miss Newson 

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Lewis               

Learning Support Assistant
Miss Statham  Learning Support Assistant
Ms Mitchell Learning Support Assistant
Miss Hall Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Walton Learning Support Assistant

Miss Cooper    

Learning Support Assistant
Miss Bowerbank Learning Support Assistant
Miss Collins   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Raikundalia  Learning Support Assistant
Ms Burgess Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Ziemelis Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Bray Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Choudhury Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Scott   

Learning Support Assistant +

ICT Assistant

Mr James              ICT Technician

Mrs Marshall       

Dining Supervisor
Mrs Newson Dining Supervisor
Mrs. Patel    Dining Supervisor

Miss Newson            

Dining Supervisor
  Dining Supervisor Pre-School
Miss Baines

Dining Supervisor Pre-School

Miss Burgess Dining Supervisor Pre-School
Mrs Walton    Dining Supervisor Foundation

Miss Cooper     

Dining Supervisor Foundation
Mrs Calver  Dining Supervisor
Mrs D.Newson  Dining Supervisor Pre-School
Mrs Symes-Goodman Dining Supervisor
Mrs Sidhu Library
School Nurses

Based at Leysland School,




Kitchen Staff


Ms. Wells        

Kitchen Staff – Cook Supervisor
Mrs Tilley  Kitchen Staff – Assistant Cook
Mrs Worrall  Kitchen Staff
Ms. Glover Kitchen Staff
Ms. Riley Kitchen Staff
Mrs Watson  Kitchen Staff

Mrs Cowell 

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Macdonald

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Nandakumar

Kitchen Staff
Ms Gearing Kitchen Staff


Premises Staff


Mr Harris Premises Officer
Mrs Haoua  Cleaning Staff
Mrs Whitehead  Cleaning Staff
Mrs Bentajire  Cleaning Staff
Mrs Bodycot Cleaning Staff