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Our school is built on the site of Glenfield Frith Hall, a huge estate that dominated the Glenfield area until the early part of the twentieth century.

This fascinating map (produced by the National Library of Scotland) compares, side-by-side, the site of our school today with the Glenfield of c1888-1913. As you move the pointer on one map, it will show you the corresponding location on the other map.

You can zoom in and out and search other parts of Glenfield. It is very evident just how much Glenfield has developed in the last 100 years!

There is evidence on the older map of the air shafts which ventilated Glenfield Tunnel. Some of these tunnel shafts remain. If you would like to see them for yourselves, you could have a go at the Glenfield History Trail. Here is a copy of the map and relevant information:

Alternatively, a digital version is available here:

There are two trails: one to help you to discover the tunnel shafts and the second is of the listed buildings and monuments in the village centre.

Here are some of the photographs that have been taken on the trail

Here is what you have said in response to the History Trail:


“The trail helped me realise how fascinating history really is and let me have a glance at history in Glenfield.  I enjoyed it very much because it let me go out and explore more and more new history I had never seen up close before.“


“I saw the one of the shafts. It is really cool and a beautiful part of Glenfield’s history. I found out that some of the shafts are in people’s gardens! Glenfield will always be my history fill!”



"I really enjoyed the history trail because I found it extremely interesting and it taught me a lot of history related things. Also, I think that Glenfield should be a lot more famous than a lot of other villages. I think that Glenfield holds history that I could never have imagined. I would recommend this to people that love history and like learning new fascinating things about their home village."



"I really enjoyed this experience because the Glenfield history trail is all around Glenfield, hence the name, so I could easily walk there and go out a bit more than I usually would. It’s a good chance to go out with my mum and sister. It has made me realise that there is a lot more history than I thought there would be in a small village."