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Year 2

Home Learning


Below is a link for each day of the week. Within each page there will be a piece of Maths and English work posted each day. We will post the mark scheme the following day in the folder labelled answers. We will also set another piece of work daily that will be linked to one of our topics or a physical activity for you to complete at home. There is also a folder for weekly spellings and phonics activities. 


Thank you for all your support, stay safe and we will see you soon.

Miss Tomlinson and Miss Follows

Welcome to Year 2!


Your Year Two teachers are Miss Tomlinson and Miss Follows.



In Year Two you will get to learn about lots of exciting topics and go on a residential trip to Conkers.






This term we will be practising reading comprehension, ensuring they are understanding what they are reading. The children have been practising different aspects of comprehension using VIPERS

V is Vocabulary (using knowledge of words to understand the text)

I is Inference (make inferences, using your knowledge of the text to explain ideas)

P is Predict (predict what you think will happen next)

E is Explain (explaining your thoughts and ideas)

R is Reasoning (using your knowledge of the text to reason)

S is Sequencing (ordering the events of the text)


We will be focusing on grammar for the first week back after Easter, including different sentence types, word types (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs), possessive apostrophe and past and present tense. 







During this term we will be developing our number skills.


We will learn how to use the four operations;



Add the tens first eg 20+20=40

then add the ones 3+4=7

Finally add them all together 40+7=47



For subtraction we use a numberline, subtracting in jumps of tens and then ones



We draw arrays for multiplication, for example 3x2 would be 3 rows of 2 dots



We use circles and dots eg 15 divided 3 would be 3 circles with the 15 dots shared between them, resulting on 5 in each circle


We will also be looking at how to solve two step word problems and developing our reasoning skills.



Keep practising your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and use TT Rockstars to help. You can find a copy of your username and password din the back of your reading diary.





Spellings will be set every Friday in the yellow books and tested the following week. We are currently teaching the children a variety of strategies to learn these independently at home. Please encourage your children to use these to support their learning of the spellings.



Homework will be sent home every Friday in the children's red folders. When completed it should be returned to the homework box in the classroom.


In Topic we have been learning about Maps. We have been exploring Google Earth in the computer suite and have been learning about world maps and maps of the local area. You may like to draw a map with your child eg a map of your house or garden. 




History and Geography Knowledge Organiser



In Science we will be learning about 'Animals and their young', including looking at lifecycles of animals and images of different baby animals.


If you visit any places with animals, eg the zoo or the farm, this may be an interesting topic to discuss together.










Follow the link to find a selection of French songs that the children will be singing along to over the year. Why not ask your child to sing the song to you or to teach you it so that you can sing along together!




Our unit this term is:  What's The Score


We will be singing some Springtime songs.

We will be finding out how we can match music to pictures.






This term we are leaving about what Muslims believe.


Look forward to: an art challenge, a whispering game, tile creating and much more.


Our religious symbol challenge continues too! 







RE: Our year in pictures!

RE: Our year in pictures! 1
RE: Our year in pictures! 2
RE: Our year in pictures! 3
RE: Our year in pictures! 4
RE: Our year in pictures! 5
RE: Our year in pictures! 6
RE: Our year in pictures! 7
RE: Our year in pictures! 8
RE: Our year in pictures! 9
RE: Our year in pictures! 10
RE: Our year in pictures! 11
RE: Our year in pictures! 12
RE: Our year in pictures! 13
RE: Our year in pictures! 14
RE: Our year in pictures! 15



This term we will be exploring the Revelation Art program. we will be using a range of tools to create different pieces of artwork.