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Year 2

Your new class teachers have written you a special letter please click on your current class below.


Congratulations on completing your home learning. You have all worked incredibly hard over the past few months and you should be very proud of you yourselves.


 Please keep reading over the holidays. The Summer Reading Challenge is still running online please see the link below. We have also left the link for Spellodrome and TT rockstars in the folder.

Thank you again for all the support we have received. We would like to wish you and your families a wonderful summer. Stay safe, look after each other and we will see you in the new term.


Miss Tomlinson and Miss Follows



Welcome to Year 2!

Miss Tomlinson, Miss Follows, Mrs Dempsey and Mrs Symes-Goodman welcome you to Year Two. 



Below are more details of each subject and the topics for this term. There is also a link to the knowledge organisers for this term. 




This term we will be practising reading comprehension, ensuring they are understanding what they are reading. The children have been practising different aspects of comprehension using VIPERS.


V is Vocabulary (using knowledge of words to understand the text)

I is Inference (make inferences, using your knowledge of the text to explain ideas)

P is Predict (predict what you think will happen next)

E is Explain (explaining your thoughts and ideas)

R is Reasoning (using your knowledge of the text to reason)

S is Sequencing (ordering the events of the text)



We will also be focusing on grammar including different sentence types, word types (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs), possessive apostrophe and past and present tense. 









During this term we will be developing our number skills, exploring fractions and working with money.

We will also be developing our reasoning skills by solving two step word problems.

Below are examples of the different methods we use for the our operations.







Keep practising your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and use TT Rockstars to help. You can find a copy of your username and password in the back of your reading diary.


Homework and Spellings


Spellings will be set every Friday in the yellow books and tested the following week. We are currently teaching the children a variety of strategies to learn these independently at home. Please encourage your children to use these to support their learning of the spellings. Homework will be sent home in a red folder every Friday and due in the following Thursday. 



In Science we will be learning about 'Animals and their habitats'   This will include exploring the habitats of different animals and thinking about how they are suited to their environment. We will also be looking at life cycles of animals and thinking about the differences between animals and their young. 




We will also be exploring materials. Thinking about their properties , their uses and the difference between natural and man-made materials. 





This term in Geography we will be thinking about the weather. Different types of weather such as snow, rain and wind. How it affects us and why different weather happens in different countries. 




This term in Art we will be exploring the work of famous artists such as Monet and David Hockney. We will be creating some of our own art work based on their different styles.






Follow the link to find a selection of French songs that the children will be singing along to over the year. Why not ask your child to sing the song to you or to teach you it so that you can sing along together!




Our unit this term is:  The Long and Short of it


We will be learning about the musical word - duration.

We will be making long and short sounds with our voices and instruments.







This term we are leaving about what Muslims believe.


Look forward to: an art challenge, a whispering game, tile creating and much more.


Our religious symbol challenge continues too! 








This term is Computing we will be researching. We will using different search engines to gather information and learning how to search for different topics. 


During computing we will also be exploring programming. We will be learning what an algorithm is, creating our own simple algorithm and using the Beebots.