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Welcome to Pre-School!



The class teachers are Mrs Patterson and Miss Holyoak.


The Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Baines, Mrs Walton and Miss Hall.


Thursday 8th July


Good Morning everyone, I hope you are all well! We had so nearly made it to the end of the year sad Here's a couple of activities to see you through to the summer holidays - access as you wish!


Phonics Play - this website has some lovely Phase 2 phonics games designed to support children's blending skills. 'Picnic on Pluto' is very popular, you'll just have to excuse the aliens' bad manners!


Name Writing - please practise writing your name however you would like to. This could be with chalks, crayons, pencil and paper. If your child is confident writing their first name, work on letter formation (using lower case letters and starting each letter at the top) and then move onto second names.


Summer picture - although the weather seems a little gloomy at the minute, perhaps you could create a summertime picture with all the lovely things you'd like to do or places you'd like to visit through the summer holidays. I'll be drawing a picture of the beach I think!


Patterns - we started learning about patterns a short time ago in Pre-School. You could practise making patterns around your home - you could use objects such as Duplo bricks or use some coloured pens to make marks on paper. Focus on ABAB patterns (two colours or objects) to start, if you find this easy you could move onto different types of patterns such as ABC (three colours or objects) or AAB/ABB (using the two colours or objects in a different order).


Look after yourselves,

Mrs Patterson x






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