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Reviews by Children

Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens

Review by Millie (Year 6)

This series is brilliant for people who love a good murder mystery. The books are exciting and jaw-dropping. Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong have created a secret detective society. Wherever they go, they can’t seem to shake off thrilling murder mysteries. Everywhere Hazel and Daisy travel to, they can always find a way to get the detective society back in business!


Goosebumps: Scariest. Book. Ever. by R.L. Stine

Review by Hunter (Year 6)

The plot of this story seems very simple at first, but, as the book starts Part 2, the plot really becomes a maze! A synopsis of this book is that two children’s parents are going on a business trip. They stay at the house of their uncle who claims to have “the scariest book ever”. The children have to hunt for it after a mysterious criminal captures it. Read the whole book to learn the full story.


If ‘horror’ is your middle name, this is the book for you. It is written by the master of horror himself - R.L. Stine.


A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll

Review by Lyla (Year 5)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be autistic? This book shows how life is a lot different and way harder as you hear and see things differently to your friends. In this story, Addie shows how she feels about the Witch Trials that took place in her town many years ago and campaigns for a memorial to the people who were different. Will her campaigning make her wishes come true?


This book is really good - definitely my favourite! It is very touching and it really expresses how life, being autistic, is like. I recommend it for ages 9+.


Pony Club Secrets: Mystic and the Midnight Ride by Stacy Gregg

Stella, Kate and Issie are all at a show but Toby and Coco (Kate and Stella’s horses) break free and start running on a busy road! Issie and Mystic ride after them. What happens next?


This book is great if you love horses or ride them. It has a great story line and plot twist but I think the plot twist is a little sad, so I recommend it for 7+ years. If you get upset easily, it might not be your thing but I really enjoyed it.


World’s Worst Children 3 by David Walliams

Review by Harrison (Year 5)

In this novel, you can find the worst children in the world, like the Terrible Triplets. Three beastly boys eat food so unbelievably disgusting that they start to turn into their gross snack. How about Tandy, a girl that has such loud tantrums that you could hear it from another planet? Maybe you’d like Vain Valentine, a boy who thinks he’s so beautiful that he would reply ‘VAIN VALENTINE - local celebrity’ to a party invite. DO you think they could get any worse? Read it to find out!


Overall, I think this is amazing and I rate it 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who likes funny books.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling

Review by Dhruv (Year 5)

Do you like magic? Well, this book is perfect for you! It’s a magical book with spells and beasts. It’s about three characters (Ron, Hermione and Harry). When they discover somebody has been attacking the students of Hogwarts, they set out to uncover the truth. Will they ever find out who it is?


I like this book because it’s very descriptive and it puts an image into your mind. I think ten-year-olds and older would like this book.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney

This is the fifth book in the very popular series. Greg Heffley is a boy with an older brother called Rodrick and a little brother called Manny. He has always been keen to grow up but this story shows the realities of getting older! Will Greg will learn to face the ‘ugly truth’? Read it and find out!


I like the book because of Greg and Rowley’s friendship. It is suitable for 9+ years.


Dork Diaries: Drama Queen by Rachel Renee Russell

Review by Erta (Year 5)

The story is about a girl called Nikki, who goes to a normal high school. She gets some really shocking news: she finds out that she’s going to be going to North Hampton Hills (a different school) and the worst part about it is that..her friends will be going to a different school! Crazy, right?! Will Nikki will drop out?


If you like drama, then you will love this book. I would recommend it book for ten-year-olds or older because it’s quite good.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway by Jeff Kinney

In this book, a family including Greg, Manny, Rodrick, Dad and Mom decide to escape the stress of Christmas at home so have a getaway to a tropical island. Will it all go to plan? Can they have a good holiday? Not everything is as they hope…


I really like this story as Jeff Kinney is my favourite author. I rate it 10\10. You can find the book in the K section in the library. It is suitable for 7-11 year olds.


Ted Rules the World by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Review by Travaee (Year 6)

Ted thinks there’s something fishy going on. Ever since his birthday, when he received a special loyalty card at the local shop, all his great ideas are being thought of by the Prime Minister, too. Now there are laws about walking to school and everyone has Mondays off. Could the shop’s market research lady be responsible? And, if Ted has become leader, shouldn’t he start coming up with proper laws to save the world?


I like this book because Evil Owen isn’t friends with Ted.  If you want to find out why you’ll have to read the book. Recommended for children in years four, five and six. Enjoy.


Max and the Millions by Ross Montgomery

Review by Ellis (Year 6)

Do you like fantasy stories? If so, this book could be for you.  Max and the Millions is a book of about 200 pages – so just the right length. It is about a boy called Max who enjoys making models and discovers that his supply teacher is a model-making pro. When he sees his model-making friend’s hobby room, he cannot believe his eyes. Max wears a hearing aid, which sometimes gives him trouble, and he cannot always hear what is going on. Looking on the bright side, though, he is a great lip-reader!


Max is the type of boy who doesn’t talk much and might go unnoticed – this turns out to be a massive advantage in this exciting fantasy story. You can find this book in the M section and I highly recommend it.