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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Your teachers this year are Mrs Gohil and Miss Mistry.

In this section you will find fun activities to help you with your learning

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Reading: Recommended Reading List

Here is a list of chosen books that we think you will enjoy. Have a try, what do you think? Did you enjoy it, would you recommend it to a friend. Can you read all the books on the list? 



Try to practise your times tables regularly. Below are some websites to help you.



You will receive new spellings every Friday.

These could be linked to our work in class (eg. Science vocabulary) or could follow a particular spelling pattern.

You must ensure that you not only know the spellings but also the meanings of the words.

During the test you will be expected to put your spellings into sentences that show your understanding of the word in context.




Our History topic this term will be exploring the Mayan Civilisation

and our Geography topic will called Passport to the World.

Have a look at the knowledge organisers to see what skills you will learn. 

Autumn Term Knowledge Organisers


This term our topic will be exploring Space



Follow the link below to find some video of the song we are learning this term.



Our unit this term is: Journey Into Space


We will be listening to music inspired by the Moon-landing of July 1969.  We will be composing a space scape piece of music using keyboard effects.

How could you create sounds to make us think of floating in outer space?  Would you use long or short sounds?  Would it be loud or quiet? Fast or slow?  Why?


Try searching on You Tube for Gustav Holtz ‘The Planet Suite’.  Listen to some of the planets...



This term we are thinking about Justice.


Look forward to: role play, sorting, Fair Trade chocolate and much more!



RE: Our year in pictures!

RE: Our year in pictures! 1
RE: Our year in pictures! 2
RE: Our year in pictures! 3
RE: Our year in pictures! 4
RE: Our year in pictures! 5
RE: Our year in pictures! 6
RE: Our year in pictures! 7
RE: Our year in pictures! 8
RE: Our year in pictures! 9
RE: Our year in pictures! 10
RE: Our year in pictures! 11


In Year 5 we will be exploring coding, programming and applied computing skills. 


We will be covering Relationships and Living in the Wider World topics this autumn term. 

Art and Design 

In Year 5 we will be looking at the artists: Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore




Art and Design Knowledge Organiser

Design and Technology

We will be designing and making Moving Toys this term. 


Design and Technology Knowledge Organiser


This term our topics will cover Dance and Invasion Games