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Year 5

Good Morning Year 5!



We hope you had a great weekend. This is our last week before the half term holidays!

Keep persevering everyone! Believe in yourself, that you CAN DO IT! yes


Our Happy jar quote of the week:



Here are some positive, motivational quotes from the Year 5 teachers (and yes, we all drew them!-updated 12/05/20) smiley :




Click here for TT Rockstars and Spellodrome to help you with practising your times tables and learning different spelling patterns.


Continue to read a variety of books and share your love for reading with family members/carers or friends.




At the end of each day, jot down 3 things from your day that were positive or where you showed kindness.


Stay positive and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Miss Mistry, Mrs Gohil, Miss Newball and Miss Taylor



As you will be home learning via websites and using online facilities, please remember the e-safety messages from school 'Think it, say it, do it!' and most importantly be kind to others!


Think carefully:

Would you say this in person face-to-face?

Are your messages/comments kind or hurtful to others?

If you wouldn't say something in person, don't say it at all!


Picture 1



Follow the link below to find some video of the song we are learning this term.



Our unit this term is:  Who Knows?


We will be learning about silent movies, and how to accompany mimes with appropriate sounds.  We will create simple graphic scores.


This term we are thinking about values and 'What would Jesus do?'


Look forward to: poetry, art, drama, silent discussions and much more!



RE: Our year in pictures!

RE: Our year in pictures! 1
RE: Our year in pictures! 2
RE: Our year in pictures! 3
RE: Our year in pictures! 4
RE: Our year in pictures! 5
RE: Our year in pictures! 6
RE: Our year in pictures! 7
RE: Our year in pictures! 8
RE: Our year in pictures! 9
RE: Our year in pictures! 10
RE: Our year in pictures! 11